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Revitalizing the Native Playback SDK for Android

Brightcove is a leading video streaming platform that provides a range of products for hosting, sharing, and streaming content. One of its key offerings is the Brightcove Native SDK for Android, which allows developers to integrate video playback into their mobile apps. However, as the SDK had been around for over a decade, it was in need of modernization and additional features. That's when GoatBytes.IO stepped in.

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Unlocking the Science in Your Breath with Invoy

Invoy, a health and wellness company, collaborated with software development firm GoatBytes.IO to upgrade their innovative breath analyzer device and companion mobile applications. The Invoy device measures the amount of exhaled acetone in the breath, which helps users determine whether they are burning fat for energy or simply burning food. The mobile app provides personalized coaching and nutrition solutions based on data collected by the device, to help users reach their health goals.

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Building the Future of Fintech with Float

Float.Today is a fintech startup with a mission to provide families and couples with full control over their credit information. Their main product, Float Credit for Couples, is a mobile application that allows couples to track their credit reports with complete privacy control. GoatBytes.IO worked with Float to build their Android application, emphasizing security and privacy.

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