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About Us

The mission of goatbytes.io is to organize bytes for the betterment of society for all people.

We believe entrepreneurship is the lifeblood of real economic growth. In 2010, our founder Jared Rummler pursued an opportunity as an entrepreneur in software when mobile operating systems were changing the landscape of how humans live their day to day lives. In the first 7-years, we published dozens of mobile applications with millions of users across the globe. We have experience developing software used by large and small firms installed on billions of devices. We have experience in MedTech, FinTech, automotive, mobile security, entertainment, and the election industry.

As technology advances we see a tremendous opportunity to revolutionize how bytes are used by humans through context-aware artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, and mobile operating systems. We embrace change. We apply ethics and respect human rights when making business decisions. We organize bytes in a proprietary way that reduces the level of human error. We do not prescribe to a single software development philosophy; rather, we utilize the correct tools depending on business circumstances. We have a win-win and win-win-win business philosophy. We value human relationships over technology.

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