Streamlining with kmmify: A Kotlin Multiplatform Template

Streamlining Cross-Platform Development with kmmify

As the demand for seamless cross-platform functionality grows, Kotlin Multiplatform, developed by JetBrains, offers an innovative solution. kmmify, a specialized template for Kotlin Multiplatform, accelerates the development of projects that share logic across iOS, Android, Web, and native platforms like Linux, watchOS, and tvOS.

Kotlin Multiplatform: A Primer

Kotlin Multiplatform stands as a versatile framework enabling code reuse across iOS, Android, Web, and Desktop environments, ensuring efficient development processes while maintaining native responsiveness. It’s an innovative approach that blends shared logic with platform-specific nuances.

Introducing kmmify

kmmify is designed to make your entry into Kotlin Multiplatform development as seamless as possible.

Key Features of kmmify:

  • Pre-configured Build Scripts: Comes with ready-made Gradle scripts for Android, iOS, and Web.
  • Documentation Support: Integrates MkDocs for effortless setup of project documentation.
  • Code Quality Assurance: Incorporates Detekt for static code analysis, promoting high code standards from the start.

For a broader selection of starting points, developers can also explore the templates by JetBrains, which cater to a variety of project requirements.

Comparing kmmify and KaMP Kit

The choice between kmmify and Touchlab’s KaMP Kit often depends on the project’s focus:

  • kmmify is suited for projects targeting multiple platforms beyond mobile, providing tools and configurations for a comprehensive development approach.
  • KaMP Kit specializes in mobile development, equipping teams with mobile-optimized libraries and best practices for iOS and Android.

Choosing the Right Template

Opt for kmmify when you require a template that supports extensive platform diversity. Alternatively, choose KaMP Kit for projects strictly focused on mobile platforms, where tailored tools can leverage Kotlin Multiplatform’s capabilities for mobile environments.

Getting Started with kmmify

To begin with kmmify, follow these steps:

git clone
cd kmmify
./gradlew build

Choosing kmmify for Your Project

kmmify is an excellent starting point for developers looking to explore the efficiencies of Kotlin Multiplatform. It’s not just about simplifying the initial setup; it’s about creating a foundation for robust, scalable applications.

To dive into your next project with kmmify or to explore the mobile-centric capabilities of KaMP Kit, visit their respective GitHub repositories.

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